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When you’re holding a virtual – conference, meeting, trade show or holiday party, you need a unique way to not only impress your clients or employees and keep their attention. This is where hiring me as your virtual magician, presenter, entertainer or MC host will benefit your virtual event.

During this international lockdown period virtual conferences, meetings, trade shows and holiday parties are becoming more and more common. Delegates still need to be entertained and motivated during this time. They need some interactive virtual entertainment to really help keep them awake and enthused.

During your event I will captivate, connect and engage your group online in an exciting, unique and dynamic way! Creating an unforgettable experience that will make your event a raving success!

Most importantly, I will customize your virtual event or program, address any specific challenges faced by your organization and make sure my content is clean, fun and stay clear of political, religious and ethnic humor at all times.

I involve people with their imaginations, their intellect their hands and their hearts. If fun and clean corporate entertainment and motivational presentations are what you need, then I’m you best choice.

Make Your Next Event Unforgettable!

What Kind of Virtual Show Do You Need?

When you hire Brett to speak at your event, you will fire-up your audience and take your team to new levels.

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